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        featuring stunning videographic translations. 

With a curated combination of Canadian content, 

  classical favourites and original folk song arrangements, 

    this concert experience will send chills down your spine.


Collectìf presents an evening of staged song 

PLEASE NOTE: This production may be disturbing to some viewers and is not suitable for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.



   My idea for this nightmare came from the life of the poet of Jacques Hétu’s Clairtés de la nuitÉmile Nélligan had his first book of poetry published at the age of 16. Shortly after the publication, Nelligan was committed to an insane asylum having been diagnosed with dementia praecox (what is now known as schizophrenia). 

However, there are many scholars who believe that he was institutionalized for his homosexuality, and developed a personality disorder due to his cruel treatment in the facility.  Nelligan died in the asylum at the age of 61, likely never knowing how celebrated his poetry became. 

Directed by Jennifer Krabbe 

Directed by Danika Lorèn

 La dame d'André

Inspired by the drawings of Henri Matisse, I wanted to create a beautiful nightmare drenched in mélancolie. Francis Poulenc's setting of Louise de Vilmorin's 

Fiançailles pour rire 

("Betrothal for laughs") provides the perfect auditory canvas for this. The text is dark and humorous, and full of double meanings. These double meanings inspired me to create a nightmare narrative

concerning double lives.

What is hidden in the art we make? Emotions we have no words for? Desires we dare not speak? Secrets best kept hidden? Look closely! 

There might be some

dirt in the family closet...     

Directed by Whitney O'Hearn

The Old Churchyard

In 19th century New England, tuberculosis ravaged several small communities. Paranoia lead to

macabre rituals to remedy the illness. My addiction to folklore podcasts is what lead to the inspiration for this story.  Credit must be given to the “Lore” and “Stuff you missed in History

class” podcasts for bringing this phenomena that happened

100 years ago to my attention. This nightmare samples American composers and writers such as

Samuel Barber and Edgar Allan Poe, revered English composers like Frank Bridge and Rebecca Clarke, familiar church hymns, some original arrangements of traditional folk songs, and new compositions.

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